DRT Mfg. Co.
a subsidiary of DRT Holdings, Inc.

Precision Focus

At DRT Medical, LLC we focus on precision manufacturing that requires the highest level of quality. Our customers come from the most demanding market segments where quality, precision machining of complex parts is the rule — not an afterthought.

  • Close tolerance CNC milling or turning to ±0.0002 inch
  • Hard turning to 65 Rockwell C
  • CNC wire EDM to radii as small as 0.002 inch
  • EDM holes as small as 0.003 inch diameter
  • CNC contour grinding
  • ID / OD grinding up to 18 inch diameter and 60 inch long
  • Flat-lapping and polishing surface finishes on small parts to 0.2 micro inches and 0.00000116 inch flatness (1/20th wavelength)
  • Passivation cleaning of completed parts
  • Special Quality Assurance Calibration Laboratory ensures the precision of all in-house testing and measurement equipment
  • Four state-of-the-art CMM’s provide computer-controlled, automated measurement of parts up to 3 inch x 30inch x 20 inch and up to 3,300 lbs with repeatability to ±0.000020 inch
  • In-house testing for:
    • Roundness to within 0.000003 inch
    • Concentricity and linear geometry to within 0.000010 inch
    • Complex profiles and contours to within 0.00010 inch
    • Heights to within 0.000050 inch
    • Material hardness
  • In-house inspection techniques include:
    • Fluorescent penetrant
    • Magnetic particle
    • Temper etch

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