DRT Mfg. Co., LLC
a subsidiary of DRT Holdings, LLC

Product Development

DRT has maintained its leadership position in the easy-open end industry with an unwavering commitment to research and development.

Dedicated Research & Development

Where most system manufacturers struggle to find production resources to develop new products, DRT has a dedicated group of engineers with its own prototype machining and research laboratory. Customers can realize significant materials savings as DRT produces solutions that reduce tab material and thus reduce material costs.

A Legacy of Innovation

While we are focused on the future, a quick glance at our history provides customers with peace of mind that more cost-saving, revenue-generating innovations are on the way from DRT. Recent container system innovations include:

  • JCAT91 tab
  • D1500 steel tab technology
  • D1300 steel or aluminum tab technology
  • Rivet formation technology for double-reduced steel
  • Large-pour-opening technology for steel ends
  • Industry-specific gauging and metrology
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